Jim Hancock

A lifelong resident of Arizona and retired Arizona Superior Court Judge, Jim started turning in 1992. Early projects included bowls and plates turned out of wood collected around Prescott. He learned early on that turned wood is unique, each piece a finished art object. After learning the basics of wood turning, Jim became interested in segmented or constructed turning. Piece by piece, rings of wood are glued together with meticulous attention to minutiae. Some contain as many as 1500 different pieces. Different woods are used to achieve the color and design desired. Oak, ash, walnut, mesquite, and purple heart, among other exotic woods, are used. Jim has created an even more unique art form by adding turned alabaster and turquoise to the segmented wood. Creating a piece from these raw materials is especially satisfying, from painstaking assembly to polished bowl, pot, plate or vase. Jim's turned objects are spectacular and would make a beautiful addition to any home or office.